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What is GRINfluencer?

GRINfluencer is the Customers who are part of the GRINfluencer Advisory Board.

Ways to earn your points

Action Limit Points
Buddy Meetup
Complete the post-event survey None 1
Register for a Buddy Meetup None 2
Attend a Buddy Meetup None 5
First time registration Once 10
Anniversary 1 time / year 5
Daily visit 1 time / day 1
Browsing the Community
Viewing others' discussion 5 times / month 1
Others viewing your discussion 5 times / month 1 (Author)
Viewing groups 2 times / month 1
Viewing Events 5 times / month 1
Viewing Resources 2 times / week 1
Viewing GRIN Academy 5 times / month 1
Paticipating in the Community
Creating a new topic 2 times / week 1
Replying to a forum topic 5 times / week 1
Connecting with others
New profile activity (adding feeds) 10 times in total 1
New profile avatar upload 2 times / month 1
New profile cover upload 2 times / month 1
Connect others as your friend 20 times / month 1
Liking other's activity 1 time / day 1
Sending a private message 10 times / month 1

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