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The secret sauce behind influencer marketing is that there is no secret sauce. We all benefit from learning and listening to one another so we can develop deeper relationships with our creators and peers to improve our unique marketing strategies.

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What is the Internal Code?

Internal code is provided to our GRIN Employees that wish to join GRIN Community without any waiting time.

If you are an employee with GRIN and you haven’t receive your internal code, please reach out to the community administrator to get the access code.

What is the Access Code?

We provide unique access code to our existing Customers so they can join our community without waiting for the manual approval process.

If you are an existing customer / partner with GRIN but you did not receive an access code, please contact us directly.

What is GRINfluencer?

GRINfluencer is the Customers who are part of the GRINfluencer Advisory Board.

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